Inside The Notorious Bariga Slum Where Rapper Olamide Grew Up (Photos)


Most of you have heard different
tales about the notorious Bariga.
Here are photos from a part of the
This side is the Araromi street side
of Bariga which is dominated by the
‘Ilajes’ and the ‘Eguns’ and their
most popular occupation there is
fishing because the area faces the
ocean around the Third Mainland


Here, there is extreme poverty, as in
E-X-T-R-E-M-E P-O-V-E-R-T-Y. Most
of the women roast fish to survive,
many of the ladies and guys take to
all types of vices.
There is only one school in the area
(pictured below) provided by a white
man who visited the area sometime
Yet, there are all sorts of talents in
there. From rapping to dancing, the
youths of the Barigahood possess
them in abundants.
But it looks like government sees the
people in this slum as outcasts
because development is far away
from that area, yet it’s in a Mega City
called Lagos.
Past government rather than
contributing to developing the area,
visit some parts to destroy houses
and render many homeless.
Thus, the people have come to
develop a deep hatred for the word
Meanwhile, the guys and babes in
this hood no dey smile at all O and
their eyes dey red die! (if you know
what we mean)




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